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"My introduction to M/s Shrishti Consultants and working with 'Shrishti' has been an excellent journey towards great results. HANDS ON APPROACH of Mr.R.Duraisamy has taken my team towards the goal and has been a learning not just for my team but also to myself and the management team at various level of the organization. The team approach INVOLVING THE EMPLOYEES across the organization has given tremendous boost to the morale and has helped evolve a better culture across the organization making it a better work place."

"Mr.R.Duraisamy has contributed not just in numbers but also in DEVELOPING INTERNAL RESOURCE PERSONS who could intern train many more. This also resulted in leadership development and confidence among employees about their own capabilities and for management to recognize hidden talents among junior team members. Long term dependency on consultant has reduced considerably."

"Mr.R.Duraisamy’s ability to cut across levels and easily reach all levels of employees is an asset, which along with his commitment to cause can give great result to any organization."

"Mr.R.Duraisamy, Director, M/s Shrishti Consultants has been involved with Taegutec India to initiate many change management and employee encouragement initiatives like Quality Control Circles (QCC), Lean Concept Implementation for the past few years."

"We are quite satisfied with his friendly and helpful approach towards the associates and his willingness to guide them hands on to develop them."

"We wish Mr.R.Duraisamy and Shrishti Consultants all the best in their endeavors."

"Mr. R Duraisamy of Shrishti Consultants has been engaged with us for the implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and other productivity improvement tools and initiatives to attain over all operational excellence in our manufacturing activities. "

"His in depth knowledge and extensive experience on these, added with his commitment to share his learning’s with others, makes him the perfect teacher to impart these to our people. His quiet demeanor and unassuming personality helps him to easily mingle with all levels of our people and achieve break through results with total employee involvement."

"We have greatly benefited from Mr. Duraisamy and would recommend him to anyone who wishes to embark on the Lean and Continuous journey for Productivity improvements for their organization."

"My association with M/s Shrishti Consultants has been simply exemplary, practical approach, direct involvement in process during the project, dedication and punctuality along with propoer planning has been their core strengths to name a few."

"I have to admit that Mr.Duraisamy possess a unique feature which I have failed to recognize in many people with whom I have been associated with. His ability to understand a process and involve the employees across the organization has given tremendous boost to the morale and has helped evolve a better culture across the division, this has also resulted in empowerment of the Junior level staffs which noticed by Top Management."

"Mr.Duraisamy’s effort to easily communicate with all level of employees is an asset which along with his dedication and process knowledge can surely take the organization towards attaining higher results."

"Services received from Shrishti Consultants was very professional."

"Highly responsive team and an excellent organization to work with."

"We enjoy our Partnership"

"Our experience with Mr. Duraisamy of Shrishti Consultants was highly enriching and was immensely useful for introducing the Quality Circle Concepts to improve the Total Employee Participation and taking them to higher levels in our organization. He is really an Expert in his core area and excellent person to work with. "

"We at Faiveley Transport Rail Technologies India Limited, have used the services of Shrishti Consultants, and more particularly Mr. Duraisamy, in some of our projects which were nagging us for quite some time. We had tremendous success and were able to get the desired results under the guidance of Mr. Duraisamy. By systematic adaption of Lean Tools, our teams had completed many projects resulting improved operational effectiveness in terms of Productivity increase, Thruput time reduction etc. This has enabled the organisation to mature and reap the benefits of the learnings through horizontal deployment. Mr. Duraisamy's way of teaching is unique in a sense that he provides the stimulus for one to open up their mind and think. His exposure to world class manufacturing organisations has provided him the perfect platform to start this consultancy services which should benefit manufacturing organisations, like we did. I wish him & M/s Shrishti Consultants all the very best."

"I was fortunate to work with Mr. Duraisamy on several projects within our Group of companies. His youthful energy, breadth of knowledge, and hands-on experience at different levels of the organization gives him the ability to visualize a project from concept to reality. I look forward to working with him on more projects in the future."

M/s Titan Company Ltd, has engaged M/s Shrishti Consultants with a pilot project for implementing “Lean” at its Manufacturing Plants. The engagement has given us excellent results.

Having experienced significant results, Titan has extended the services of “Shrishti” for the implementation of “Lean” at Titan’s Vendor Partner Locations. This initiative has brought a Transformation in many ways. It has resulted in Improvement of the Vendor Delivery performance, Consistency in production (Monthly to Weekly Leveling), Reduction in Lead Time, Elimination of Waste in the Value Chain and Improved the Morale of Vendor Partners.

The DNA of “Shrishti” Team is quickly getting along with people, winning their confidence, gaining buying in across levels, cultivating positivity among the group and help imbibing an actionable understanding of Lean Principles. “Shrishti” has the Capability, Band width and the Right Fit to facilitate both Corporate and SMEs.

“Shrishti” facilitate the team members to align the business requirements through the application of Lean Principles and techniques like 5S, VSM, TIMWOOD Matrix, SMED, Gemba Improvements, etc.

Being Practical, getting in to Detailing, Engaging with Stake holders and Driving Lean Implementation with Passion are the key differentiation we have experienced with Mr.R Duraisamy and Team.

We wish “M/s Shrishti Consultants” all success for making great contribution to the Indian Industry.

M/s Shristhti Consultants founded by Mr.R Duraisamy is associated with our organization from the Year 2012 in bringing Lean & Operational Excellence culture at our end.

The credentials for “Shrishti” are: Their vast and rich knowledge with hands on experience in almost all the processes associated with any kind of organization, particularly their ability to train & guide people to identify wastes, Non-Value Adding activities & enhancing productivity at factory and as well at office side too.

We, M/s Janatics India – Coimbatore have benefited in:

Enforcing 5S culture in our organization, culture of identifying & eliminating NVAs through Value Stream Mapping (VSM), elimination of waste movement of men and materials, enhancing productivity at our assembly sections, using PDCA approach for achieving the tasks on time & for continual improvement etc.

“Shrishti’s” approach and plan of execution in transforming the culture of an organization towards Lean Practice is Excellent & Encouraging one.


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